New UAE speed limit takes effect May 1st: Hefty fines for slow drivers

Motorists caught driving slower than the minimum speed limit will be fined AED400

Starting from May 1, 2023, a new minimum speed limit will be enforced on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road, a major thoroughfare in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Abu Dhabi Police will implement this new regulation in both directions of the road to enhance traffic safety in the region.

Effective from May 1, 2023, motorists must maintain a minimum speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour (kph) on the first two lanes from the left side. However, the maximum speed limit will remain at 140 kph. Heavy vehicles are required to adhere to a maximum speed limit of 140 kph on the third and last lanes, and the minimum speed limit will not apply to them.

It is important to note that individuals caught driving below the minimum speed limit will face a fine of AED400. Therefore, Abu Dhabi Police urge motorists to ensure the safety of all road users by driving at a safe speed and committing to the right lanes.

The introduction of the minimum speed limit is a proactive measure taken by the UAE to reduce the number of accidents caused by slow-moving vehicles. This initiative aligns with the country's overall mission to prioritize road safety and reduce fatalities caused by road accidents.

Abu Dhabi Police are committed to ensuring that all road users in the UAE have a safe and smooth driving experience. Therefore, it is essential for all motorists to remain vigilant while driving and follow the new speed limits to avoid any unnecessary fines or accidents.

Overall, the new regulation aims to enhance road safety and provide a safer driving environment for all road users in the UAE.