Foodstuff Trading License

Foodstuff Trading License

Dubai houses numerous industries, commercial centers, financial institutions, business centers, and other offices. In turn, resulting in an increased population in the city. The concentration of such a large population of migrants and workers in the city opens up boundless opportunities for foodstuff business. Having understood this fact, you will find numerous firms, including multinational giants, involved in foodstuff trading.

You must submit an application to the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and obtain a foodstuff trading license in Dubai to establish a business firm focussing on the subject business and commence operations. Analysis indicates that the foodstuff business hasn’t been explored to its actual potential until now. And it has areas awaiting investors, who can make a fortune through selling good quality food materials and food products.

The extensive growth potential still existing in this arena has been attracting expats to set up foodstuff trading business in Dubai. You don’t have to burden your brain thinking about strategies if you have excellent quality food products or ideas to deliver according to the client’s needs. With a gentle push, your foodstuff trading business in Dubai will flourish in no time. In addition, the professional team from think business will guide and assist you to set up, commence, and strategize business operations in Dubai and other regions in the UAE.

Rules for Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai


Foodstuff is directly linked to human health. Therefore, the authorities are strict regarding the monitoring and inspecting food processing and manufacturing centers. The rules and policies concerning the foodstuff trading business in Dubai are depicted below.  

The containers for packing the food materials, the ingredients for the preparation of food, the preservatives used and the manufacturing unit will be inspected frequently to confirm that all the quality standards are being maintained. Non-compliance with stipulated standards can result in heavy fines or cancellation of license. 

– Only authorized preservatives, that are not harmful to the human body should be used

– The ingredients used must meet the quality standards 

– All precautions must be observed to keep the foodstuff safe from antigens and pathogens

– Maintain a healthy and hygienic condition in the food preparation unit

– Avoid using ingredients that are beyond the expiry date

– Temperature and humidity conditions in the manufacturing plant and inside the containers in which foodstuff are packed must be maintained in such a way to prevent the growth of germs

– The food containers must have humidity and temperature monitoring methods, in case, required


DM Approval for Foodstuff Trading License in UAE



Dubai Municipality (DM) approval has to be obtained to start the foodstuff trading business in Dubai. On receipt of approval from DM only, the DED will issue the trading license for food products. 

DM approval is mandatory for the following:-

– Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Cafeterias, and Eateries

– Bakeries and juice shops

– Food preparation departments/ sections in educational institutions

– Butcheries and meat preparation centers

– Food preparation and delivering units for cruise ships and aviation

– Catering units for celebrations and other functions

– Mobile units of food vendors

– Food deliveries at exhibitions and temporary events

– Food container and packing material manufacturing units also require DM approval It will be approved after ascertaining the health impacts of the material used and ascertaining whether the material used is authorized or not 


Documents Required for Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai


You have to submit specified documents for processing foodstuff trading license in Dubai. Nonetheless, the issuance of the said license will be solely at the discretion of the authorities only.

– Copies of Passport for all the stakeholders in the company

– Copy of the visa page of the shareholders, to confirm whether s/he is on a visit visa or resident visa

– Need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current sponsor, if the person is holding a resident visa

– Copy of Emirates ID for all those residents envisaging to set up foodstuff trading business    


Sub Activities under Foodstuff Trading Business


The foodstuff trading license is not limited to carrying out only preparation, packing, and distribution of food products. It also covers a set of sub-activities that can be undertaken using the foodstuff trading license in UAE. Those activities are:-

– Trading of juice, carbonated drinks, and soft drinks

– Trading of sugar

– Ice trading

– Trading of spices

– Trading of legume, cereals, pulses, grams, and similar items

– Trading of packaged drinking water

– Trading of Egg

– Trading of vegetables and fruits

– Trading of Flour

– Trading of oils and ghee